Friday, 8 February 2013

Filling Fridays week 4

Wow wow , I am very happy to say that this week I weighed in at 19st 1lb. That is 4lb off from last week.
Last week I asked rhetorically if I had been good and whilst I had recorded al I ate ,I did not make wise choices all the time.

This week has been better despite consuming two Cadbury cream eggs,1 weigh watchers chocolate muffin with diet custard,probably only two eclairs I think they were the only goodies I had. I don't feel deprived either.

I have added fish a couple of times as well plus lots of salad , I have only had rice once this week and when my friends came round we had pizza, garlic bread and salad. I was a Martyr to the cause and had a huge bowl of salad with mackerel . I allowed myself one thin slice of pizza and I piece of garlic bread.

My biggest triumph was when I was at the supermarket checkout and there was a kitkat chunky staring at me, I picked it up but guess what I put it down again wow .

Ok until next week happy eating and please leave me some tips .



Fortunately I only love things with low calories. I am not a fan of sweet things or fat sauces.
It's hard to find your blog through Google + because you didn't mention your Blog link. I had to go into "about" to find your blog !

Pride In Photos

Well girlfriend...I am in the same battle, so Kudos to you for putting that chocolate back down. I can't always say the same for me☺

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