Sunday, 10 February 2013

Sunday Sunday

Today is traditionally the day that Christians go to church. In Dubai it is either Fri or Saturday.
I have not been to church today but that does not mean I have not spent time with God and reflecting on my faith and what it means to me.
Over lunch Hannah and I had an interesting conversation about faiths .
For instance I am a baptised and confirmed Anglican, I have been accepted into the Methodist church, but I can't take communion in the Catholic Church . But it is the same God
The only part of the last paragraph that is biblical is the part about Baptism and communion .
The rest is man made.
It is the part of "religion " that causes so much confusion to so many , especially those that have not grown up in a faith.

If only life was simple and bible based it would be a better world.
But sadly it is man not God that causes the divisions amongst faiths.
It is man that tries to put words into the bible that are not there, it is man that has made up rules that are outside the Ten Commandments that God gave us.

Don't get me wrong I don't want to appear as a kill joy but we need to stop blaming God for what goes wrong and accept that we are responsible for things going wrong.


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