Saturday, 23 February 2013

My best friend

Welcome to week ONE HUNDRED AND FORTY-EIGHT of Saturday Centus.
The prompt this week is: "Without you around, I sleep like a baby"
Number of words: 108. (including the five words of the prompt)
Style of writing: Any
Additional Pictures: Any

Ok picture the scene mug of hot chocolate great book and bed warmed by electric blanket.
I have had a glorious soak in a Champney infused bubble bath with spa jets on.
Body exfoliated and moisturised with champneys body milk.
Into my Egyptian cotton pyjamas and then pad across to the Egyptian bed set. I am ready to dive into both my bed,book and chocolate.
What more could a women need to prepare for a good nights sleep?
Sixty minutes later, time to put lights and electric blanket off and snuggle down for a ten hour sleep. In my dreams.......
Without you around ,I Sleep like a baby.

Let me introduce you to Tilly my best friend who manages to sleep in the smallest space on my bed but does wake me up .
Some nights she has to sleep in the utility tho.

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Haha! I had the same idea! Now I have to go back to the drawing board and come up with something else! We have two dogs and a cat in bed with us every night!

Tracy Cook

Thanks Judie , I just happen to have my dog here with me at my daughters so perfect prompt.
Good luck with ideas

Naila Moon

Oh yes, animals wake us up too.
Good one!
~Naila Moon

I am your new follower.

Meester Uttley

Sounds like a luxurious evening...

Tracy Cook

hi. thank you for following .

Emma Major

oh yes, what a wonderful plan, I long for one of those :)


My son, Keil, 33 years old, called and gave me the perfect idea for my Centus!! Check it out!!


Very nice! I love your descriptions..


Tilly is terribly sweet!

And I love your bedtime!

I think I need that tub and those sheets!


Whenever you want to send a prompt, feel free to e-mail me, okay?

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