Monday, 11 February 2013

Race against time

Ok I have found a new blog to take part . It is similar to Saturday Centus and basically I have 100 words including the prompt that is in pink.


…oh my goodness! I nearly forgot

One fifty one pm , February thirteenth two thousand and thirteen . For some thirteen is unlucky, hopefully I have realised in time and it will indeed be extremely lucky for me.
I managed to log into the computer in a record ninety seconds .
Amazingly the web site I needed was saved from last time I used it think that was around Christmas time , not exactly sure to be honest.
Any way here goes oh no one fifty six I quickly make my choices along side another product phew one fifty nine guaranteed card delivery tomorrow.

Ok finished target of 100 words met .
I am off to Here to see what other people have come up with. This is my first visit , I am looking forward to meeting other people here.


Cathy Kennedy

I keep meaning to link up with Miss Jenny for her Saturday Centus hop, but I try to avoid Blogosphere on the weekends. Instead I do everything in advance. Not to say, I couldn't do a Saturday Centus post in advance, I could and who knows maybe next Saturday (not this Saturday) I'll try to work it in.

BTW, you asked followers. If you just keep at it, you'll get lots soon. =D

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