Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Making a move

Today I interviewed two potential estate agents. In England you tend to call an agent in town they come out give a load of waffle and leave a brochure and by the time they have gone you sit down and think what did he say ?
So I decided that as the ex had decreed that the house was to go on the market in June 2013 I would take control, and decided the house will go on the market when I decide.
Any way back to my interview , these are the questions I planned .
How many properties have you sold in last month-
What is selling fee-
Is this negotiable?
If you do not sell how much will I have to pay?
How do I know I will get a lot of exposure to potential buyers.
Is my property saleable?
What price do you suggest to place house on the market ?
How often will you communicate with me?
What do I need to do to make marketable?
Anyway number one agent arrived at the appointed time, I let her wander round the house herself and then she joined me in the lounge, when announced I had some questions, half way through she said I was very organised at that pointI asked her if she had a job for me, to my amazement she said that there was a job but only 18 hours , perfect I am only able to work for 20 .
So as well as more than likely choosing that company I may well have talked myself into a job. Who knows what the future holds ?

What I do know is that it is Alphabet Thursday and if I do not hurry along to class I will be late. After reading my post please pop over to Jenny and see what else is on offer



Yes, I like that bring me home, I'll take it!

Carol L McKenna

Wonderful post for 'm' ~ Glad you might have a job and sell your house besides! ~ Lots of luck coming your way ~

Carol of (A Creative Harbor) ^_^

EG CameraGirl

There's so much to think about when selling a house. Congrats for maybe getting a job too!

Naperville Now

best of luck selling your house -- and how wonderful to be offered a job on the spot! keep us apprised, please. (love the house on the move. do you know more about it?)


The job is a great bonus for you! Hope your house sells.

Meester Uttley

Way to prepare for the interview.
Turned out - who was interviewing whom?

Found you on AlphabeThursday.



Fun M post! :)


So pleased to read you might have a job and sell your house too!

Good luck with your future plans!

Lovely post.

JDaniel4's Mom

How wonderful to get a job offer out of the interview!


Selling a house sounds about as fun as dental work. But I'm glad you might get a job out of it! =>

Sarah~Magnolia Surprise

It's always amusing to see a house moving down the road!
Good luck with selling yours -- and the job!


Now that's something ! You sell a house and you get a job, lol !

Rocky Mountain Woman

Sweet! A job offer you didn't have to go to a hundred stupid interviews for...

Scudds Harrison

You are indeed very organized:) Congrats on moving on!

All the best,


Wow, good for you!
And I like the way you seem to be taking control of a difficult situation.



Love a good ending to a story....hope yours turns out as expected♫ Here's my M effort:


Well done! You'll sell the house and make a bundle with the agency.


Wow! What marvelous things are going on with you!

Love the house being moved!

I hope both things work out well for you!

Thanks for sharing your good fortune.


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