Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Alphabet Thursday ............v

Alphabet Thursday this week has caused me a very big headache, so I have decided to tell you about some friends of mine and their vacation plans.
Please pop over and see Jenny's class.

Victoria plum was going on vacation to Vancouver. The Venerable Victor Vanderbilt from Venezuela was also vacationing with Victoria.
Vaccinations were very much needed for Victoria and Victor something that very much scared them.
Victor was meeting in the vestry when the vet arrived to see Val the the welsh collie from Valley. Val also needed vaccinations but did not seem very bothered.
Victoria was concerned that leaving whilst the Vespertiliones were still in the belfry was not very sensible, so decided to postpone her vacation until the Vespertiliones had vacated the belfry .
Meanwhile Victor who was a veteran decided that the vestibule needed vacuuming imagine his surprise when Vespertiliones where flying around.
He called Victoria and said lets go on holiday now , but lets go to Vann, Viborg and Vatican City we won't need vaccinations and can leave very quickly .Lets celebrate with a Vindaloo ?
Ok off to pop over and see what others have created .


Rocky Mountain Woman

very clever! that bat thingy is creepy..

Fun post and could help but thing of 'bats in the belfry' ~ very creative post for V ~ ^_^


Haha! What a valiant effort for this vexing letter!


Clever story, Tracy ~~ I like your batman picture find.


Love this post! Scary-looking bat, but like the pic! Great "V" post!


Clever story, Tracy! That bat image is creepy!

PS Hope you enjoy my ebook!

JDaniel4's Mom

What a fun tale! What fun places they will visit.

Sarah~Magnolia Surprise

Fun V story! I wouldn't like Vespertiliones flying about either!

Debra @ Homespun

LOL this was awesome for V! :)


What a variety of very interesting "V" words! That bat is creepy and scary! Although they are quite gentle creatures just liking to left alone! LOL!
Always a pleasure, thank you for sharing with us and enjoy the weekend!

Scudds Harrison

Very clever and interesting :)

Have a lovely weekend.


I must say--yours is a very creative solution to the letter "v"--I enjoyed the story and can only hope that your friends enjoyed their vacation. We'll have to hear more about them in the future.


Very creative...

This is an awesome use for the letter V...

Thanks for linking.



Oops... looks like my daughter accidentally forgot to log out of her e-mail account...

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