Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Tuesday Trials of the world

I have spent the day thinking about what I actually want to write today, after yesterday's bombings in Boston and naturally the outpouring of prayer, love and support to this part of America is amazing.
My thinking was challenged this morning whilst listening to UCB a Christian radio station, I was reminded of the murders happening in Syria according to CNN in February the total was 70,000.
I appreciate that today the world is grieving over events in Boston there are scars that will not heal memories that may face in time but right now they need our prayers and love.

Whilst on the topic of prayer , for those who pray, could I please ask you to pray for South Africa , this is a country that we do not hear about what's going on very much. . We do not hear that one person dies every hour of every day of every week of every month of every year someone , mor often than not someone who is white is murdered.
Every day a women is raped .
This is a side of SA that we do not see. There is great fear that once Nelson Mandella dies there will be major problems..
Innocent people are being murdered what can be done?
For me it has to be prayer


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