Monday, 1 April 2013

Movie Madness

Ok as you may or may not know I live at home with Hannah 22 and who has developed an addiction.
Thankfully this addiction is not life threatening 
Oh sorry I better explain . 
Her addiction is to buying £3 DVD's 

Two weeks ag Hannah announced that her DVD shelf was full and she needed to go to Argos.
 ( other shops are available) 
To purchase a bigger shelf
The shelf was purchased built and filled before I could even work out whic way up the instructions should be viewed.
Hannah then decided that the shelves were too deep so then went back to shop and purchased another taller narrower set of shelves.
These are now standing erect and filled in our snug.
We then decided to amalgamate our collections.
They are neatly arranged in age order , I am still thinking that I might alphabetise them.

Anyway where is all this leading too? 

We have decided that we quite enjoy watching  films together 
As well as the ones above we have watched green mile and Shawshank redemption 
Of the six above my personal favourite , that I would Italy recommend you viewing is extremely loud incredibly close. 

It is a film grown out of 9/11 
It tells the story of how a son copes withy the death of his father whilst helping his mother deal with her son and another character that I won't divulge.
Well worth finding it and 9/10 from me .
More next week 
Please Tell me what films you would you recommend us adding tour collection?


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