Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Weight Watchers Wednesday

OK Things are changing round here .
I am abandoning my Fillin Fridays  and moving to weight Watcher Wednesday.
Now the change of days is not going to magically make me loose weight, but instead my attitude change should help.

Now please don't get me wrong I really can not abide the weight watcher organisation , but they do get results .

I used to love watching Bruce Forsyth on a program called Play your cards right , his catch phrase was " what do points make?" to which the reply was Prizes .
well for me this is my reason for joining weight Watchers my new saying is going to be "points mean pounds"
I am not subscribing to buying the Weight watchers brand , with the one exception of the magazine for ideas, my reason behind this is that it has been shown for equal or less money I can buy generic store brand and get equal or less points for less money.
I am not subscribing to the Low fat food always either as it has been shown that they are not as good as expected . Instead I am going to weigh and point ALL that goes in my mouth.
My weight fully clothed today was 285lbs  my first goal is to loose 14lb that is 5% .
Now as well as being part of the class and making friends there, I would truly value your tips and support. If you have come here for the first time please leave a comment .
Now as you can see I have put two no holds bar photographs. I am not proud to be fat , but guess what ? I am .
I have many discussions with people who are slimmer than me and do not understand my lack of control. To me it is the same as an alcholic  or a smoker it is a vice , it is as bad for me as either of the recognised vices mentioned. Except there is no magic patch or AA equivalent. That's why I have to go to WW . I am planning to photograph myself a month today wearing the same clothes.
I plan to weigh in each week wearing the same clothes. I am not going to use clothing as a way to lie about my weight. The only one this affects is me. WW will quite happily take my money for years .
At some stage I will take my measurements
Ok thats it for now I hope you can share this journey with me .




Good luck Tracy love Jo xx

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