Wednesday, 2 October 2013

T is not for ..........EdenHouse


At last the week I have waited 15 weeks for the letter T. This round of alphabet Thursday is dedicated to people I know  either close in the family or friends.
Well this week I am going to tell you all about me. Now please dont get bored I wont be long I promise.
Hello let me introduce my self to you.
Tracy Ann Cook
Ok I was born on Jan 7th 1963
My name at birth was Tracy Ann Castle
I was fostered until I was 5
I then went to live with my mum , better late than never
In 1974 My Mum and Dad decided to get Married .
I then was told my name was now
Tracy Ann Elsdon
In 1979 my Mum Died I was 16
In 1984 I met and Married Ian Charles Cook
I then got the name I have now .
On May 11th 2011 I was officially divorced
Inbetween marriage and divorce I had 4 fantastic children
I then adopted Adam .
Today My daughter and I are packing our house.
So on Saturday I will have a new fresh start
In amongst all this I became a Christian and it is God who has kept me going strong
Ok well thats it
Oh no nearly forgot I also have 2 fab grandsons.
Right if you would be so kind as to pop over to see Miss Jenny in class I am sure she would appreciate it.
Last week I managed to visit most bloggs in class sadly not all commented back makes me sad  but I know people are busy.
PS my pets are Tilly Tootsie Tibbles and Thumper What animals do you think they are ?


EG CameraGirl

Sounds like you have had a few fresh starts. Moving to a new place sounds like a positive one. Do you have FOUR rabbits?


It was fun to get to know a little more about you. Thanks!



Wow! ~ Your faith always been with you ~ You are a diamond that has come through the difficulties ~ thanks for sharing and being you ~ carol ^_^

Rocky Mountain Woman

Nice to meet you Tracy - I just know the next chapter of your life will be the best yet!

Karen S.

What fun, nice to meet you and I'm happy to know you!


I am so glad to have such a great introduction to you. You sound like an amazing lady!


Tilly Tootsie Tibbles and Thumper? I'm thinking they're either cats or dogs but I could wrong. & nice to meet you Tracy Ann.

have a great day.


Nice to meet you, Tracy! Do you have pet rabbits? My daughter would be so jealous. She really wants one ... or maybe a turtle. She's 7, so there's lots of time to decide. :)

JDaniel4's Mom

We don' have any pets. My son does have room filled with stuffed animals.


*T*errific story, Tracy. And we think they're rabbits!

Lola & Nora:)

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments

It was great to learn more about you here! Great, great post :o) I was born in Dec of '63. What a blessing you are and may the Lord bless you as you move forward.
(Hm...Thumper makes me think of a little rabbit..but I think you have pet kitties?)

And I know what you mean about trying to visit all those at Ms. Jenny's Alphabe-thursday's class and not hearing back from those I've visited. Usually I am not able to get to everyone's, but I did make it through everyone's R posts...S posts, though I am almost through...but I do try to at least do a return visit and those ten "classmates" near mine. Thank you so much for visiting mine :o) I love and appreciate that Ms. Jenny makes sure to visit everyone! Whew! She is awesome!

Blessings & Aloha!

Sarah~Magnolia Surprise

It's nice to know you a little better, Tracy! That's a cute birthday cake with its little mushrooms around about!
OK, Tilly, Tootsie and Tibbles are cats -- Thumper has got to be a bunny!! I'm trying to remember if you ever mentioned a dog because Tilly might be one, instead of a cat! (If so, don't tell her I thought she was a cat! LOL!)


Nice to meet you Tracy! Fun T post!


I'd think your pets are rabbits, but maybe cats?
Lovely getting to know you.... (((HUGS))))


You truly are a fantastic woman... All the trials and tribulations of life help make us who we are!

And by the name Thumper, I am guessing rabbits too...

Thanks for linking to the letter "T"...

Your 15 weeks of patience paid off because this was a terrific post!


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