Wednesday, 23 October 2013

W is not for .......Edenhouse


Ok here we are at W , we are now entering into the tricky end of the alphabet.
I have chosen this round of Alphabet Thursday to focus on people I know.they are not well known or remotely famous , they are just very special people in the life of me and my family.
Ok so here goes on W
I know two Wendy's one is God mother to my eldest child , the other is a wonderful Christian lady at the Anglican Church in town, if I could be adopted I would choose her to be my mother.
I know a William , he is my daughter in laws uncle  , which is where my grandson got his middle name from.

Well short and sweet this week , I now have to start scratching my head for next week. 
Ok now you have come to the end of my contribution , please pop over to Jenny and see what other people have come up with.


Rocky Mountain Woman

You're almost there! I'm staying tuned for Y and Z!!!

Carol L McKenna

Love the creative photo ~ fun post for W ~ thanks, carol xx


That is a VERY cool W.



Wendy, William - nice names.

have a great day.

JDaniel4's Mom

I love the photo you selected. You know so many "W" people. I don't think I know one.

Esther Joy

Love the patterns in that wood. Great W post!


My minivan is named Wanda. I'll introduce you if you want to add her to your post. =>


Wonderful "W" shares! I always am amazed how many different ideas there are and I love visiting and seeing them all! Thanks for sharing!

Debra at HOMESPUN:

Have a Wonderful Week ! :)


Such a creative post for W - roll on X, Y & Z!

Sarah~Magnolia Surprise

I love the way the sky makes the W between the fence posts! Clever photo!
I can't think of a single W name in our family!


My best friend is a Wendy. :-)


Hi Tracy.

Sorry I've been dragging on visiting.

I think I'm turning a corner with health here. I missed SC. I miss being able to visit! So darned, I'm just gonna get better!

That capture is really wonderful!

I don't think I know a single person whose name starts with the letter "W"!


Wandering Wren

Wow wee Wonderful W's!! Wishing u Well!
Wren x

Wandering Wren

Wonderful blue Sky to celebrate Wendy and William - hope you all have a sunny weekend!
Wren x

Splendid Little Stars

Yes, it is the tricky end!
I know some W people, too!

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