Thursday, 14 November 2013

Z is not for ........Eden house.


Well here we are at the last letter of round seven of Alphabet Thursday. I would at this point like to say a huge thank you to Jenny for her commitment to weekly set us all off on our journey of exploration around blog land.
I would also like to say thank you to all the people who have left much appreciated comments.
Once again I ask for advise on improving my blog.
As I am partially disabled and spend most of my day at home , my blog is my connection to the world.anyway enough drivel .
At this moment in time I do not personally know anyone with a Z name, I have however taught a Zachary.

One day in the hopefully not to distant future I may have a Zachary or Zoe for a grandchild how amazing would that be.

Any way Aurevoir for now my blog friends I hope we have a round 8 and as I type I am trying to think of a theme.
As for now I am of for the last time in round seven to try and visit each and every contributor to this Jenny's blog class and leave a comment.Jenny
Oh yes I am doing films in the next round 



I don't know even know anyone with a z name, so, Zachary, is a good name, I think.

hope you have a great day.


Many thanks for stopping by - hope you have a good (and warm!!) weekend!

Cathy Kennedy

I not only did a total blog make over, but now have a new blog. I hope you'll hop over to see me at Curious as a CAThy. I have been pulling my hair out since coming back from my little stay-cation and new blog creation, plus I'm doing Thursday Thoughts where I include my Alphabe-Thursday post. However, I was short on ideas & decided to include a link this week to a previous 'Z' post. Have a good weekend, my friend!


I hope you get a Zachary AND a Zoe one day!


doMesstique-cated Mummy

Your blog is lovely already and I always love your post.

Hugs and love sent your way.



It was great zooming through all your family and friends this last round...

I like your blog - it is full of zest!

Thanks for linking to the letter "Z".


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