Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Lights camera action A

Ok here we go again, we are now on round eight of Alphabet Thursday , where has the time gone.
At the moment this is the only day I blog , I really need to get organised and get more blogging done. 
Any way enough if only's, this round I am going to attempt to share with you My favourite films.

These are a few of my favourite Films 

                                           Ok this week it's A  

So here we go a film from a book by Nick Hornby , having never read the book I was able to watch and enjoy.
A story about a boys relationship with people  at twelve he is struggling with being bullied and having a depressed mother and no father. Enter Hugh Grant and a not so straight forward happy ever after.

It is definitely on our watch again favourite list .

Please pop over to see what other people have come up with at Jenny's classroom . I look forward to your comments and seeing you next week.


JDaniel4's Mom

I haven't seen this one. It looks like it would be wonderful.

Cathy Kennedy

I have not heard of this movie before now. I will take a peak at the trailer to see, if it is something we may enjoy. Thanks for the introduction! See back at the Alphabe-Thursday classroom! ;) Amazing Grace by Curious as a Cathy


Sounds like an intriquing movie ~ great post for A ~ carol, xxx


What a great idea for this round. I hardly ever watch movies, but I might find a good recommendation here that I just can't resist!


Not one I've seen, but not a huge Hugh Grant fan.


What a great idea to do favorite movies as a theme. I'm looking forward to this!
(I love Hugh Grant, by the way.)


Karen S.

I've seen it many times! It's a keeper and worthy for all to see at least once!


I'm excited!

I haven't seen this movie but it sounds amazing!

I like your theme this time!

Looking forward to more movies...

...and looking forward to finding this on my 'on demand'!

Have a blessed week, lovely lady!

Hugs and A++

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