Wednesday, 27 November 2013

B is not for ......................Edenhouse

Ok here we go again, we are now on round eight of Alphabet Thursday , where has the time gone.
At the moment this is the only day I blog , I really need to get organised and get more blogging done. 
Any way enough if only's, this round I am going to attempt to share with you My favourite films.

These are a few of my favourite Films 

Ok this week was easy to decide , I have loved Babe since I first read the book by Dick King Smith.

The book was released in 1983 and I read it to a child I was a nanny for. 
Then in 1995 the film came out .
It was read by my eldest who then watched the film at the cinema. I am not sure when the video arrived in the house but it was watched and watched . Then DVDs arrived and yes it was purchased in that format.
Babe is about a pig with attitude and surprise surprise he talks. It really is an endearing film and loved by adults and children alike.
If a farming film with a pig that can herd sheep appeals to you then all I can say is in the boredom post Christmas go and get a copy of this film.
Thank you for visiting 
Ok well I am off to Jenny'sJenny class and see what other people have come up with .


Rocky Mountain Woman

I love that film also! It's such a cute story...


I'm not sure I've seen the whole movie, but what I've seen was really cute. Maybe I'll have to find the book. That's a good b word too. :-)


Oh one of my favorites ~ great post for B and Happy Thanksgiving to you ~ carol, xxx

ps. Not sure how I get so many comments but I do make comments so that helps ~

Sue McPeak

Hi glad you posted today for the Letter B so I could visit your blog full of button and thread stuff. I'm one of those Sewing Gals, too, so I quickly browsed around and became a new follower so I can come back and check out your sidebar sewing stuff. BABE is such a wonderful classic book and film/tape/dvd and will transfer to what ever new fangled device is next. I love it, too.
Happy Alphabe-Thanksgiving-Thursday
Sue CollectInTexas Gal


Such a cute story - a great *B* word!


Babe was a fun movie!


Oh, I forgot about Babe -- I loved that movie! I'll have to rummage through the cabinet and see if we still have a videotape from when my kids were kids.


I love.

And I mean.

Love this movie!

It's in my top all-time ten movies. Ever.

Now it might be bumped by FROZEN which was incredible.

Go see it in 3-D if you get a chance. The animation is beyond beautiful.

Thanks for linking Miss Tracy.

Hugs and A+

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