Thursday, 28 November 2013

What am I thankful for ?

Yesterday was Thanksgiving in the USA, it is a day thatI have taken part in a couple of times.
It seems to be as big if not bigger than Christmas is in the UK minus the gifts.
It made me think about things that I am thankful for.
Yes obviously I am thankful for my family from Aunty Jean the oldest member right down to the youngest member Arthur.
I am also obviously thankful for my faith and the ability to be openly Christian .
Ok so they are the two big things in my life but what about the smaller things my home for instance?
I am now living in a wonderful house  that is rented and not mine but I love it and I am thankful that it meets the needs of Hannah and I.
Ok my home is quite a big thing to be thankful for , what about my car ?
Yes I am thankful for that , without it I would be virtually housebound.
Ok something smaller my dog well actually the four pets I currently share my home with . Yes I am thankful for them they make me smile when I am sad.
Something much smaller that I am thankful for is my DAB radio, something so small but used every day to listen to UCB uk, A Christian radio station that is my companion night and day .
I am thankful for my increasing knowledge in sewing , hopefully this will lead me to creating personal gifts for people.
I am Thankful that I don't live in a land blighted by tornadoes whirlwinds and other such destroying weather conditions.
My IPad is something I could live without but I am so thankful that I do not have to .
And whilst there are many things missing from this list, it would be remis of me not to mention friends in my Thankful list .
I am truly thankful for friends who have been there through my thick and thin highs and lows.
I have given this post a new label and who knows maybe I will add to it in the future 


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