Sunday, 16 February 2014

Chirpy chirpy tweet tweet

Yesterday I repositioned the bird feeding station that Chris and Gemma gave me , I have had so much pleasure from it . Anyway to cut a long story short yesterday I put it in this new place so that both households can watch and get pleasure .most importantly tho their special needs son George can enjoy. 
He has a new job to help me fill the food station. .
My family think I have become a crazy old bird lady. 
I have always loved hearing and seeing birds in m y garden but it was not until a visit to my Spokane based family where I saw how much pleasure my late Aunty Pat got from her bird feeding .
Thee were feeders all over the garden and she had her faithful feathered friends that daily cane by for their fill.
I am also getting a feathered following , it amazes me how they know where to find their food. 
I have also got a couple of feeders in the trees . 
I made a cake for them two weeks ago it did not last long must be time to make a new one .


carol l mckenna

Fun! Glad you have had no snow ~ we have had too much ~ Spring and more birds to your wonderful feeders ~ Fun shot ~ thanks, carol ^_^

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