Thursday, 30 October 2014

X Marks the spot

Alphabet Thursday time , there was a time when I wouldnt have missed this Blog for anything but thenI kind of had a blogging melt down.
I was only getting comments on Thursdays and come on please dont call me shallow we all like feed back don't we?

So why does X mark the spot then I hear you ask well its to let you know that I am back into blogging there have been big changes in the last year and blogging is my new haven and escape from family life.
I have even purchased a new laptop to make my blogging happen on the go. I tried on my ipad but never managed to sort it out.
In the future I hope to blog daily with a theme for example Thursdays will forever be Alphabet Thursday well as Long as our dear teacher is well enough to keep going .

Ok this is the best picture to describe X . I have actually had one of these this year on my knee waiting for surgery .
I am now heading over to Miss Jenny with a rosy apple to apologise for missing so many classes . See you there.


Rocky Mountain Woman

I'm having a few issues with my knee also...

EG CameraGirl

I think blogging is great therapy. I'm glad to see you're back. And I hope your knee surgery is a BIG success.

Wandering Wren

Welcome back Tracey, we've missed you - although if truth be known Miss Jenny has had me in her absence book rather too often this term as well as well, so who I am to talk?! I didn't think of bringing her a rosy apple, you're a smart one :)
Great news you have a new computer and new direction and big plans ahead, looking forward to seeing you here each week - and the good news it's Sunday, you are not just getting comments on Thursday - ha ha
Have a lovely day!
Wren x


I'm just hit and miss with blogging, but I try and do Alphabe-Thursday as much as I can. I hope Ms. Jenny will be well enough to keep it going a while longer. Welcome back to Blogging.

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