Tuesday, 6 January 2015

The new year has arrived

to Anyone who happens to pass by would like to say a belated happy new year 

At the start of the new year it is traditional to make resolutions to change ,improve or enjoy activities
in the new year .
for me I have not made a resolution as such , well i suppose I have really ok here goes:
i have left and deleted Face book yes its true and to be honest I have not missed it .
I have instead realised how much of my time I wasted on there.
My second change is a follow on from Christmas if you are a close friend you may have noticed the absence of a Christmas card from our home, if not well just goes to prove that on the whole they are a waste of time and money .
Please do not think that I don't appreciate cards trailing on my wall ,I like them but unless they have a news letter in or a personal note then they are no more than a production line of signing,addressing ,stamping and posting in the hope that they will reach their recipient by Christmas eve.
This year I was going to join the millions who partake in this lovely practise I even purchased the stamps ready as well as some lovely dove ards that were supporting my orthopaedic hospital trouble started when i put them somewhere safe .

Anyway I have decided to Blog more, read more books , setting a target of 52 this year  and finally write letters to friends again I am setting a target of 52 letters or emails for those overseas (cost of postage).
So far this year I have had my hair lightened 
 I have also sent my first email , today's task is to make a header with photos and contact details .
so for now I am over and Out next time i contribute to my blog I will be whole year older .


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