Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Tuesday Tidy

For a while I have been following Jen at IHeart organizing. She is amazing at how she organises .
Today she is encouraging us to tidy and organise our kitchens. This has really struck a cord with me , on the surfaces my kitchen can look tidy , but open a cupboard door.

As you can see the place is a tip, but its ok its all behind closed drawers.

Ok maybe it is not ok to have it behind

I really must take notice and advice from Jen's Blog.

We are in the process of putting the house on the market and I would be so embarrassed if a prospective buyer happened to open a door or even a drawer

I just wonder how much I can be convinced that is no longer needed?

What are the chances of my kitchen being perfect?

I wonder how many wooden spoons I need?

How many mugs and glasses I should keep in the kitchen?

I have a dishwasher and am never wanting to run out.

Just wondering how much of the stuff is out of date.

Does anyone have a perfect amount of plastics to keep in the cupboard?

Ok enough blogging time to get down to tidying first a. Brew then buy some black bin bags for ALL the rubbish I am disposing of.

Please pop by and see what Jen has to offer can't really keep her a secret.


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