Sunday, 3 March 2013

Easter lent chocolate

I am currently trying to read through a lent study , keep up with a journal, do my blog , be a Mum and Granma as well as struggling with my own painful body.

I imagine that the pain I am in is nothing compared to the pain that Jesus suffered during his tortuous journey to the cross and then the crucifixion.

Last week there was a report in the news of a man called Naw Kham in china being executed by lethal injection. Whilst I don't agree with the death penalty I respect that each country has their own rules that have to be adhered  to.
Going back to Naw Kham he was hauled to his death much like Jesus was hauled carrying his cross Naw Kham was found guilty of various crimes.
Meanwhile  Jesus was found guilty of nothing but still crucified.

The differences are as far ranging as the similarities in my opinion anyway.
Jesus died for me so that I may have eternal life Naw Kham was executed for vile crimes against humanity, he did nothing for mankind or me, a total stranger.
I am not a total stranger to God he knew me before I was born .
Ok I have run out of words
God Bless
Have a great week.


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