Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Paper Paper everywhere

As I begin to compose this weeks offering for alphabet Thursday , I am very aware that I could easily offend people so please except my apology if I do. Please pop to see Jenny
I guess I am using  this to have a rant . .
If you follow my blog you may be aware that I am in the process of moving .
During this process I have removed Hundreds of sheets of A4 paper to the recycle bin these were from courses I have attended that I no longer need. Why don't people send notes before courses and then just have the sheets on screen as usual.

Today I have sorted more paper out, in doing this I have been reminded of how people use paper in the form of cards and letters to show their love for me.

Whilst I love having cards and to be honest if on Sunday there are no mothers day cards on my mantle piece I will be gutted, but I need to find a way of storing them .
I am thinking of taking a photograph and having a card file on my PC .
I have just recycled sympathy cards from when my father died in 2011, why should I keep them?
I have just reread and know that the senders loved both my father and me.
Birthday ,Christmas, Easter and Mothers day now there was one card I kept my first Grandma Mothers day card from Harry .

I have decided this year to do a scrapbook of the year so I will use any cards I get as embellishments in my book.
Except my 50th BD cards they are having a book of their own.
Then n there is the  paper product used in the kitchen paper I use to wipe the surface down  and also paper napkins.

What about  wrapping paper , what a waste I just paid £1:25 for a sheet , admittedly it was good quality and beautiful. Now I have actually recycled this to embellish my scrapbook for January pages.

We then have yellow pages , please tell me in  this day and age with computers and mobile phones that have more technology than sent man to the moon why do we need yellow or white pages, and worst news they cant go in the recycle bin whats that all about?

Next Books . I have just up cycled about 300 books. Now please don't get me wrong here I love books the smell of a new book the gentle crack of the spine ah comfort. But sorry its kindle all the way for me now. Well there might be the odd exception especially when it comes to recipes books. I have only kept My Jamie Oliver collection.

And finally the daily newspaper. As an Ipad , smart phone and PC user there is no need for me to buy a newspaper I am quite capable of downloading the news on all my technology.

OK Moan over just going to recycle a box of card and paper .
Jenny would love for you to visit her at Alphabet Thursday . See you next week and thank you so much  for reading and your patience now there is another whole blog subject for the next round.


Rocky Mountain Woman

I am slowly becoming paperless in my world...

great post!

EG CameraGirl

Supposedly our modern technology was going to eliimate our need for paper. I'm still waiting. :)


I agree with you on a lot of these, but since I JUST published my first book, I'll stick with a real paper edition. Don't worry, it is available on the kindle as well. :-)


Yes, excellent post on paper, very interesting.


Ha! Now I get back and see you've already visited my blog. Thanks so much for your support!

Esther Joy

Despite all our electronic devices, we still need paper! It will be nice to have that scrapbook!


Sometimes, I, too, wonder about some of the same things. I can tell you that I used newspaper for wrapping paper for many, many years. Strips of it curled just like ribbon :)

I guess it's up to those of us who care to find ways to re-use such things.

Leanne Leeper

Oh! I feel your pain! I've also passed on most of my library, as I mostly use my ereader and I know I won't reread those books. I fear I may regret it one day! As for the cards, I usually recycle... But my 3 year old loves to look at them. This year after Christmas and his birthday I simply whole punched them and used a ring clip to make a little flip book for him!


Nice post. Thanks for reminders to declutter here too!

Totally agree about advantages of Kindle, iBookstore etc!

All my thrillers sell in infinitely greater numbers electronically!

Sarah~Magnolia Surprise

Great rant! We gave up the newspaper well before smart phones, etc. and never looked back! I get my news from the news on TV. Phone books? Don't get me started -- what a useless waste of paper. I bet 99% of them go into the recycling bin or, horrors, the trash. Books? The library for me!! Now cards... I have to work on that!


I use paper less and less. I never write cards, I send emails. When I want to know something I use Internet. I read the newspaper online too. I don't even have a memo pad I use a blackboard which hangs on the fridge door. I only love my books and keep them. But that's about all.

Naperville Now

as long as it's recycled, why not? ya can't keep everything.


I try to recycle as much paper as possible. Though we use paper towels and not cloth as napkins. And of course, I love books. But usually I just get new ones when it comes to my book club. Have fun with your scrapbook - that's perfect for tidbits of paper... and memories! {:-Deb

Debra @ Homespun

Well this was a great P post! :) have a good weekend! :)


I am pretty good about recycling all the paper I use. But I have to admit I'm not quite willing to give up using it at all. And I do save sentimental cards from people, most times.

But I would definitely be willing to part with the phone book!



I make handmade cards often using recycled bits and bobs from cards I receive or things I scrounge up in my work area.

I have a little box of cards that I have saved..AND I know a place that takes the front of greeting cards to recycle. The newspaper, magazines, craft paper, etc. are always fair game from wrapping things around this house!

I really liked your post here!

Quite thoughtful and clever!

Thanks for linking.


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