Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Q is not for.......... Eden House

I always find myself amazed at the part of the week when I have to choose to share with other people in Jenny's class.
This week I am at a loss of anyone I know whose name begins with Q.I decided to look at the bible as I have read it and knew there were a couple of Q names in there.

Qoheleth is the Hebrew form of the name of the preacher of Ecclesiastes. Ecclesiastes 1.1

Quartus was a Christian whose greetings Paul appends at the end of his letter to the Romans. Romans 16.23
Quirinius was the Roman governor of Syria at the time of Augustus' census, which coincided with Jesus' birth. Luke 2.2

So this week it is very short and sweet, I am now popping over to see Jenny and what other people have come up with.

Could I please ask a HUGE favour I am trying to increase my followers .Would you please tell me what you want from a blog and does my Blog need improving.
Thank you



Q can be hard ~ creative post for Q ~ carol, ^_^

JDaniel4's Mom

I didn't realize their were so many Q's that fit that period of time.


there goes three names I've never heard of, although Q is quite a difficult letter in terms of alphabe-thursday.

as for what I want in a blog, that's a hard question. usually, it's something fun or useful to me but everyone has different interest so that doesn't really help. sorry, I have no real answer.

hope you have a great day.


I must say, we are getting to a challenging part of the alphabet. I'm so horrible recently about visiting other blogs, but I can say I like original photography and writing. I like getting to know the people behind the blog.


Oh, I like that info about the Q names. Especially the Qoheleth bit.

I really enjoyed reading your 50 questions page, and looking through your recipes and crafts pages too.

Wandering Wren

Hi Tracey

I have never heard of those Q names - thanks for enlightening me.

Ha - as you know I would be the last one to give advice about a blog,(being such a newbie) but I love the way you ask for help out there in the blogging community.
Let us all know the answers!!

Have a great week


Deb @ Frugal Little Bungalow

Q is a hard word! Now you DO know Q person, about Queen Elizabeth ? :) Seriously the Bible names were interesting :) No clue about the followers. What I have seen in the blogging community is alot of "Follow Me and I'll follow YOU back" to people who have just read one blog story! OR I see bloggers having giveaways but in order to win you have to "LIKE" them on Facebook and Twitter and Here and There and Everywhere is that a true follower ? I think not. It's basically BullSh** :) I started Homespun at the end of last May and never have followed anyone. I started Frugal Little Bungalow about two months ago after debating changing Homespun's THEME and appearance etc or just doing a second blog. I chose the second blog option because I can focus more on one thing on HS and another on FLB to a small extent but I'll always be on Miss Jenny's Thursday party for one or the other. I find that linky parties are the best way to meet people and I would say the the Alphabet Thursday group is a community that I enjoy but I cannot visit them everyday...there is just no time. I just link up to a variety of parties...sometimes sewing ones or cooking or home decor ones etc but each seems to have a separate community that you visit here and there but as to everyday visits I am not sure that most bloggers have the time. I think that you just get to know people over time through the parties and sometimes you just post what you want to say and that doesn't work for any party, but it's your blog so you do what you want with it !: ) Another thing is...I might be in the mood for days on end to visit quilting or sewing blogs; to get inspired or find useful tips, and another week it might be food and I guess that a variety is nice....I am sure this was not much help, lol! But I enjoy visiting here! :)

Rocky Mountain Woman

I don't really have a follow option, but I've loved the Alpha Thursday group, great friends and interesting posts and lots of interaction...

Sarah~Magnolia Surprise

How about Queen Latifah!
However, the Bible is definitely a good place to find Q names! (But how would you like to be named one? LOL!)
I like blogs that have a mix of personal and craft and/or shop posts. A lot of the ones I follow have Etsy shops and I always enjoy seeing what they're listing in their shop. But I like some personal stuff thrown in too! I like the read to be enjoyable and fun! I also think that grammar and spelling are important!


Love your creative approach to Q. As for blogging, what do you do or know that is your own perspective and no one else's? I've just read a book, No One's Perfect, about a guy born with no arms and no legs. He was in college before he realized he was disabled. Then, he set about to find what he and only he could do because that is how we contribute to the world.

No One's Perfect book review


Couldn't tell you how to improve, I have no clue as to what one likes more than another. Keep doing what you're doing!!


I liked your Q post and the interesting photos you use to introduce the letters for this and others in the past.
As well as the great content you already have,I'd like to find out more about where you live -even if its visits to the local park or further
I don't get to holiday much anymore and so love to see where other bloggers live and what's happening there, but definitely keep doing what you're doing too!


Quite fascinating as I am learning everywhere I go! I love blogging but I have the same folks who always stick by me and I really like it! I dislike the cliques, so much like high school, boring and immature! I am a big fan of Blue Monday and Alphabe Thursday because the kindest hearts participate there. Marydon at Blushing Rose Too has a beautiful blog and a couple of great quilters, Sue at Collect In Texas and Suzanne (ColoradoLady). Sandie at Chatty Crone and Linda A La Carte have friendly fun blogs as does Diann at the Thrifty Groove. I am not impressed by the big showy blogs filled with advertising. I love the friendships and DIY projects, food and fun. Some folks like you to hang around to make them look good and I have created a beautiful network of friendships. Kansas gals like Ann (Tin and Sparkle) and her sis Debby (The Paint Splash and friendly and talented. Charlotte hosts Spiritual Sunday another wonderful encouraging blog filled with many good folks. Goodness, there are so many wonderful blogs and you need to find your special place. Linda at Prairie Flower Farm offers a sweet place to pray and does many wonderful creative projects. Most folks like to know about yourself and your likes and where you live and what is special there. Your blog is very cool and I will come back. Enjoy the weekend and have a great week! Come visit, I love meeting new bloggers. Hugs Anne


I don't know anyone whose name starts with the letter "Q"...

I think your blog is great as it is...

I like quirky posts about life and it is always cool to have questions you didn't know you had answered... For instance, I never would have thought about names in the Bible that start with "Q", but after reading your post I was quite intrigued!

Thanks for linking and good luck on increasing your followers!

Hugs and A+


Q... I thought we were on D. I quit! ;-)

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